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Bombardier Delivered Bombardier Challenger 350 to a customer in Belgium.

Challenger 350
The Bombardier Challenger 350 that Bombardier recently delivered to a customer in Belgium joins more than 600 other aircraft from the company operating in the region.

Prior to mid-March, Bombardier had never delivered one of its 10-passenger Challenger 350 business jets to a customer in Belgium. That’s no longer the case now that Bombardier has delivered a Challenger 350 to Luxaviation Group, which will operate the aircraft for a Belgian customer. Notably, the Challenger 350 will become one of more than 600 Bombardier Business Aircraft planes operating in the region, which includes Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

The Challenger 350

Able to connect Brussels to Dubai nonstop, the Challenger 350 provides a 3,200-nautical mile (5,926-kilometer) range and the ability to quickly climb to a 43,000-foot (13,106-meter) initial cruising altitude. Bombardier says the jet is the only super-midsize aircraft that can fly full range at full fuel and full seat capacity, and is the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade.

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