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Pre Buy Inspection

Expert Guidance from The Start

Pre-Buy Services 

Aircraft Trading through its associates, can offer an extensive range of Pre-Buy and Airworthiness Status Inspections. 

The experience of our team is to your advantage, as they can often save you a large proportion of your costs by highlighting contract negotiating points from the inspection.

We can assist with an initial review of the aircraft and documentation (allow 2-4 days) by our team in any part of the world. 

Further, you may wish us to send a team to oversee the work at an Approved Service Centre. 

We would suggest a full pre-buy to include a deep airframe inspection, Borescope of the engines and APU, along with systems and configuration check of the interior.  At this inspection we would compile a final pre-buy report to satisfy you as the purchaser and any finance house as well as give you further points for potential contract negotiations.

Should a full pre-buy be required, we highly recommend that this should be carried out at an Independent Approved Service Centre for that model of aircraft where at least a minimum of an Annual Inspection should be completed.

Items covered in a full pre buy inspection by our team are as follows -

  • Carry out complete visual inspection

  • Evaluation of the aircraft exterior

  • Evaluation of aircraft interior

  • Evaluation of aircraft equipment

  • Evaluation of all emergency equipment

  • Review a full Loose Equipment List

  • Systems check of all cabin equipment

  • Detailed listing of all airframe times, cycles

  • Detailed listing of all engines and APU status

  • Review of W & B Report including Seat Plan

  • Review of Last Flight Log

  • Create digital CD of the aircraft Exterior

  • Create digital CD of Aircraft Interior

Complete aircraft documentation review but not limited to -

  • Full evaluation of history since green C of A 

  • Full evaluation of history since entry in to service

  • Airframe, Engines and APU Logbooks History Review

  • STC / Modifications Logbook including any Form 8110/337 etc

  • Airworthiness Dirrective Status

  • Service Bulletin Status

  • Damage and Corrosion History

  • Flammability Reports & Certificate Review

  • Aircraft Specifications To Meet Future Flying needs

  • Reports of Non Conformance

  • Delivery and Completion Paperwork

  • All Aircraft Warranty & Maintenance Programs

  • Flight Logs

  • Maintenance Tracking & History such as CAMP, CMP, CESCOM etc

  • 12 Month Maintenance Due List

Aircraft Trading can assist with Import and re-registration changes that may be required in order to meet EASA or other regulatory authority requirements.

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