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Aircraft Trading

Buy Sell & Trade On The Same Day

Aircraft Trading can be used as a way of removing from an owner the worries and problems associated with disposing of an aircraft on the open market.

If Aircraft Trading and the owner can agree on a Net Purchase Price, we are prepared with our partners to stand in and purchase the aircraft from the owner (subject to the normal caveats) and onward sell it in the open market.

This route for owners is often simple as they know we understand how to close the transaction.

Aircraft Trading has also traded aircraft under "back-to-back" arrangements to also facilitate the simultaneous purchase of a new aircraft and sale of a current aircraft.  

The structure although often extremely complicated and reliant on the various parties to understand the process, allows for an immediate resale of an asset and implementation of a replacement aircraft.

In the US, on occasions, it is covered under a 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges.  We are equipped to handle the documentation and contracting needed to complete a like-kind exchange.

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