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Acquisition Services

When looking to acquire a new or pre-owned jet aircraft, we are here to help, providing the ultimate personal service.

Under our (EAAFA) EXCLUSIVE AIRCRAFT ACQUISITION FACILITATION AGREEMENT we provide a dedicated service that guarantees you the commitment you need to find your way through the maze of sales literature and emerge confident in your choice.

Starting with a detailed audit of your travel needs or problems, we help you select the appropriate aircraft and finance option.

If new, we advise on the necessary specification from the manufacturer; if pre-owned, the service history, equipment rating and regulatory compliance required before completion.

When pre-owned, we locate and negotiate with the owners or if appropriate lessors/agent/broker or manufacturers the commercial details and then assist your legal team on some of the finer terms in the sales agreement as your agent.

Conducting this worldwide market search; we identify the best possible opportunities in the market place to acquire an aircraft that best matches your mission and budget, at the best possible price.

Complimenting this commitment through exclusivity, gives you complete transparency in our dealings for you:

  • Our terms - fee or commission - are agreed in advance.

  • Only a modest retainer is sought at the start to cover research costs.

  • No further payment is required until the purchase is completed to your satisfaction.

  • You benefit from our worldwide network of contacts.

  • We professionally monitor all sales media to be ahead of competitive retail buyers.

  • We use our advanced data-search-and-match technology.

Progress reports keep you informed every step of the way, leading ultimately to a recommended shortlist based on your criteria.

Aircraft Trading areas of acquisition expertise are as follows:

  • Pricing and valuation of pre-owned aircraft

  • Pricing and contractual negotiations with OEM's for new aircraft

  • Pre-buy assistance and inspection support

  • Contractual purchasing and selling terms

  • Deposit and holding cost structures

  • Negotiation of liquidated damages and default clauses

  • Privacy protection

Buy Right To Sell Right

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