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Listing Services

Achieve A Retail Price 

When you list your aircraft with Aircraft Trading, we will ensure that we take the problems out of selling. 

Under our ALA (Aircraft Listing Agreement) you are guaranteed the same exclusivity if we sell for you as if it was our own, and the cost of marketing your aircraft is included in our fee.   

It is in our interests as much as yours to produce a cost-effective plan which will gain targeted exposure and response.

Because of our track-record, many buyers approach us directly, but more usually we compliment informal inquiry with more formal marketing.

Though every plan is bespoke, there are common elements which we handle from start to finish:

  • A professionally taken portfolio of photography for public relations and advertising use.

  • A professionally produced pdf brochure showcasing the aircraft to best advantage. 

  • Detailed specification and service history pack is prepared for buyers. 

  • Entry on the two open databases most widely used by brokers to source aircraft for sale. 

  • Inclusion on our website and automatic transfer to other linked or interested sites.

  • Direct marketing to our own database of customers with a matching profile.

  • Inclusion in our hardcopy advertising in a number of selected aviation magazines.

  • Directly targeting of potential buyers. 

  • Direct targeting of specific aircraft models based on worldwide aircraft transaction data. 

All such initiatives are followed up by telephone calls and tracked on our database.

Regular progress reports take you through the stages of assessing buyer interest and their ability to put forward a formal offer, and signing a Letter of Intent.  This should be done prior to any demonstration flights.

By having Aircraft Trading act as the agent, this also removes the owners from any emotional sales decisions with contacts that the Client might know. 

During the whole process, Aircraft Trading also provides market analysis and market intelligence regarding pricing of other aircraft Worldwide back to owner, so that his aircraft is competitively priced and no opportunities are missed.

This information is drawn from our market intelligence and various software applications which enable us to accurately advise you on the acceptable pricing policy of your aircraft compared to the market so that you are one step ahead of the "price curve".

Rest assured, no stone will go unturned, as our marketing campaign allows us to stay in touch with all potential buyers for your aircraft.   

Simply put, our aggressive marketing and advertising sets us apart from the rest of the competition, and will be proven by the results.

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